Born in 1998, Turkey

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Marmara University, Istanbul – English Language Teaching BA, 2020 (minor in Cinema Studies)

Artist Statement:

As a photographer, I am constantly drawn to exploring the power of memory and the way in which our past experiences shape who we are. Through my work, I aim to capture the complex and often conflicting emotions that come with revisiting these memories, whether they be joyful or painful.

My images are a reflection of my own personal journey through life, as well as a testament to the universality of the human experience. By delving into the themes of nostalgia, loss, and transformation, I seek to connect with viewers on a deep and emotional level, inviting them to reflect on their own pasts and the ways in which those experiences have impacted their lives.

Another phenomenon I am fascinated by is the intricate relationship between mental imagery and photographic image. My work is driven by a deep curiosity about the way in which our minds create images and the role that photography plays in shaping and capturing those mental landscapes.

Through my images, I explore the ways in which our inner worlds are brought to life through the lens of the camera. I am drawn to the power of photography to both capture and create images and to the way in which it can transform our innermost thoughts and feelings into tangible, visual forms.

At the heart of my work is a desire to bridge the gap between the internal and the external, to offer a window into the complex and often hidden realms of our minds. Whether through abstracted forms, surreal landscapes, or intimate portraits, I seek to capture the elusive nature of mental imagery, to bring it out into the open and reveal its power and beauty.

Ultimately, my goal as a photographer is to create images that speak to the heart and soul, offering a glimpse into the stories that make us who we are and to create images that offer a glimpse into the rich and complex inner landscapes of the human experience and to invite viewers to reflect on their own mental imagery and the ways in which it shapes their lives. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own pasts, to confront the challenges that come with remembering, and to find beauty and meaning in even the most difficult of experiences.